Learn to paint

with Scott Christensen

Above is a painting titled “Pottsville Creek” and was a whopper at 4 x 1 metres. It was a commissioned piece (custom order) and although it looks quiet complex to paint it really wasn’t any harder to paint than a basic seascape. The methods and workflow taught in this program are used for every painting I produce and will move you forward to a position where you will be able to do the same.

Frequently asked questions

Paint the Ocean is a complete training program that will teach you everything you need to know about painting beach and ocean scenes. It is a comprehensive learning program that covers everything from using photo reference to mixing paint, brushwork techniques and sealing your finished work through to selling your work and building it into a revenue stream. Produced and delivered by Australia’s number 1 selling seascape artist – Scott Christensen.

This program will give you the complete overview on how to construct a painting from the sketch up, using a systematic approach that will serve you for a lifetime. The techniques and workflow that Scott teaches apply to all forms of landscape painting and will help you become a better artist. Enrolees are invited to join the Paint the Ocean Studio Facebook group where you will have access to Scott and be able to ask questions and network with other like-minded members of the community to continue and advance your learning.

The program has been developed for amateur artists, however there is a lot of content that will assist and demonstrate established artists’ new techniques, strategies and methods for producing higher level work, along with business insights and methods to improve income prospects. 16 years’ worth of experience boiled down into a convenient program you can watch at your own pace.

Yes, and no 🙂 Yes – this program will give you a great overview; It will show you exactly how to create amazing paintings and even make a profit from them. It will give you a comprehensive understanding about the business of making artwork you can sell, but you’ll need to learn the very basics first. If you have never pushed paint around a canvas – ever… then this program is not for you. Get yourself some cheap canvas, acrylic paints and brushes and learn the basics with some free YouTube tutorials. You need some trial and error painting before taking on this course.

If you are already making good progress as an artist, this program can up-level your practice. The program is designed to optimise what you already know and offer you new painting techniques, work practices and workflow, to streamline what you already have in place. Scott’s success has been achieved largely without major gallery representation – He has developed a popular style and grown his art business with entrepreneurial spirit. He has a lot to offer and teach in this comprehensive training program.

If you have a desire to paint the ocean and/or improve your skills and knowledge about painting landscapes and seascapes; and are interested in creating revenue with your work – then this program is for you. If you have never picked up a brush before then it’s probably best to spend a few weeks prior to this course developing some skills and basic awareness about using paints and brushes with the aid of freely available YouTube video tutorials. If you like Scott’s style of art, then you will enjoy learning how to create it.

Scott uses a method of base-coating his paintings with Acrylic paints before working Oil paints over the top – so he uses both Oils and Acrylic paints.

No. A lot of artists can’t paint a wave or the smooth ripples of the ocean without an airbrush. You don’t need an airbrush and all the gear and hassles that go along with them – Scott has mastered beautiful smooth ocean water with brushes and paint only. He teaches techniques developed from specialising on beach and ocean paintings.

You don’t need any special materials to learn from this course. All the materials Scott uses to produce his art are listed and linked on the resource page of this website, if you haven’t already got it. Scott uses a mixture of standard Acrylic and Oil paints along with mediums that affect drying times. You will need basic painting equipment and materials when you begin to put the lessons into practise.

Basic requirements are a desktop, or other device with internet connection and access to a colour printer if you wish to print the class notes and PDF demonstrations – which is recommended. When it comes to creating your own paintings, please refer to the resource page for details. Standard canvasses, brushes, paints and mediums will get you started. There are a few colours, mediums and brushes you probably will want to get hold of, but in general, Scott doesn’t use anything out of the ordinary to create his extraordinary paintings – just techniques and methods developed over the years.

We have created a list with the links to access all of the materials Scott uses and recommends for the best results. Just click on the Resource page for all the details.

Enrolees are given a unique access code to view the classes and download documents at their own convenience. If the access code is copied or stolen, or the course is accessed across irregular locations on multiple devices – the classes for that code will be locked to minimize illegal copying and distributing of the series. Simply contact scott@painttheocean.com to change your code or update your status. Copyrights across the all features of the training program will be enforced.

No. Everything Scott produces is done with quality and the customer in mind – and this series is no different. The series has taken months to film and produce with every effort, to create valuable and practical learning content. With your enrolment, you will have direct access to Scott where you can ask questions to further your knowledge on anything that you think the course may have missed, via the Paint the Ocean Facebook Group. If you have any further questions about the course, please contact scott@painttheocean.com and we’ll help out as best we can… if you have further reservations, the course is probably not for you.

Yes. If you experience any technical issues with the course, the downloads, or any of the contents please direct all contact to scott@painttheocean.com with “Technical Support” in the subject line.

Yes. The beauty of this program is that you can take the course wherever you go and access it from any device with an internet connection. Windows, Mac or Android – it doesn’t matter, the course has been optimised to identify and modified to suit any device 🙂 You can stop and start and do the course in your time – not ours 🙂

Enrolees have lifetime access to the course.

Once you have enrolled in the course simply go to Paint the Ocean Studio and you will see on the bottom right of the main banner “Join Group”. Click that button and we’ll grant you access within 48 hours.

If your Facebook name is different to your Paint the Ocean Training Series log-in name – send your login details along with your Facebook name to scott@painttheocean.com with “Access Facebook Group” in the subject line and we’ll know it’s you.

The Paint the Ocean Studio Facebook group is the place to contact Scott, ask questions share photos and more.

Yes. Although currently Scott is focussing all his efforts into this training series and catching up on commissioned work until June 2017. To create a painting using the same methods and techniques as he teaches, can take days before a painting is complete. A one, two or even three-day workshop won’t cover what we have reduced down into this series. This training program is the most efficient way to deliver all of the information.

The training series is delivered at a pretty fast pace. The beauty of it is that you can simply pause and replay what you have trouble with – and also skip past the information you are competent with.

That’s what this course is all about. Many of us don’t have the time to commit to a scheduled art course – life simply gets too busy. We have produced a concise framework of lessons that you can digest at your own pace and schedule. You won’t miss any classes and you can repeat, jump ahead and pause your learning – as it suits your needs. Scott delivers the information and classes with an informal, personal and direct approach. There’s no art history here – this course delivers what you need to know to make some serious progress on your paintings and your plan moving forward.