About Me

I began painting the ocean back in 1997. There was no Youtube.  I didn’t have a computer and didn’t even know how to drive one

…But I was determined to learn. I spent countless hours in the Queensland state and local libraries, had painting lessons from various local artists and was up at 4am every morning to paint before I went to work – drilling under roads. I spent many hours at the easel trying to get those paintings to look “right”.

It took me 4 years from creating my first painting to going full time. I cranked it up – put everything I had into making it happen…

Things are certainly different these days… nearly 20 years have passed and I’ve had a ball along the way. I’ve sold over 2.1 million dollars’ worth of artwork and been able to travel with my art – and work the hours I want. This lifestyle has enabled me some incredible experiences… I’ve been around to watch my 3 kids grow ; That’s the stuff you can’t put a price tag on…

I’ve met and sold work to celebrities and helped charities raise vital funds, and my business continues to flourish. I’m very grateful for this extraordinary lifestyle that I’ve created and now have the experience and scope to share everything that I’ve learnt with you.

The above video was produced in 2009 as a marketing tool for my website. It’s a bit “old-hat” now but should give you an insight into the type of work I produce.

I put 100% into everything I do, to make it the best it can be, and this learning program I have created for you is no different. I know you’ll get a lot out of it so I hope you’ll join me – and I’ll catch you in the Facebook Group 🙂 Check out the links below for more on what I do.


“in less than 10 years, Scott has become arguably one of Australia’s finest ocean artists”

Australian Artist Magazine – Issue 279 – September 2007

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“in a relatively short period, Scott has emerged as a serious contender for future ranking amongst Australia’s finest artists”

International Artist Magazine Issue 53 – February / March, 2007

04.02.2005 08:32, 1/20, 400/250/285, Res:100.0%, Push:1, CM:0, Q:0, SD:0, NF:1, UM: 1
13.07.2005 04:54, 1/20, 400/250/285, Res:100.0%, Push:1, CM:0, Q:0, SD:0, NF:1, UM: 1

“The intensity, splendour and photo-realism of a Scott Christensen artwork can be summarised in one word – Breathtaking”

Hillary Veale – Style Magazine – September, 2004